VR at a Glance

VR was established in 1979, giving us experience spanning five decades.

We are the leading international transaction advisory firm serving the privately held middle market.

VR has synergistic locations across Europe, North America, Central and South America, and the Middle East. Industry and sector specialties include agribusiness, chemical, consumer goods, industrial & manufacturing, transportation, technology, service, and healthcare.

VR provides access to capital from a wide client base that includes high net worth individuals, corporations, private equity, and institutions. Our buyer tracking system maintains an international database of interested parties searching for specific criteria for their acquisition strategy.

VR provides expertise in negotiating cross-border and cross-cultural transactions.

Inside of the dome in the Missouri State Capital building
Inside of the dome in the Missouri State Capital building

By cultivating talent and leadership inside our organization, it allows VR to think locally, and act globally. VR specializes in businesses built around a single product area and its natural extensions. We offer superior and comprehensive management of the transaction from strategy, target evaluation, due diligence, acquisition, divestiture, transaction execution, and integration.

All over the world, our clients realize the value of VR’s full-time, highly professional business intermediaries and proven system for buying and selling businesses. VR combines a local office with a global network of business intermediaries, then harnesses the power of the internet to produce extraordinary results.

The VR network gives the local VR office access to all other VR offices, and more importantly, to every VR intermediary across the country and around the world. They all go to work for you when you engage the VR office located in Springfield to take your business to market, or to locate a business to acquire. This approach has allowed VR to become the world leader in the sale of existing businesses, both franchised and non-franchised.


It is the meaning behind our name, it is service we offer to all our clients.®
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